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Usage FAQ's

Below are the Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Cleatskins are designed for a very snug and secure fit. They are easiest to put on while you are wearing your cleats. First, slide the toe of your cleated shoe all the way into the end of the toe of the Cleatskins. Next, grab the bottom of the Cleatskins heel in the palm of your opposite hand, grasping the bottom of the heel while you stretch the bottom of the Cleatskins back and over the heel of your cleated shoe. (The bottom instep area is designed to be the stretchiest part, so this is the portion of the shoe you want to stretch while getting them over your cleats.) For more detailed information and a diagram, click here to download our pdf.

Grasp the tab at the back of the heel and roll the heel of the Cleatskins backward and down.

If this has happened to you, please be sure to read the directions above. However, If it's still difficult to get your Cleatskins over your cleats, try folding down the back half of the Cleatskins heel, so it's folded inside out in half, before stretching your Cleatskins over your cleated shoe. Sometimes this helps ease the heel of your cleated shoe past the special "grips" on the inside of the Cleatskins heel. If this still doesn't work, Cleatskins will exchange your Cleatskins for a larger size. See "Exchanges" at the bottom of this page. Please note that some cleated shoes are extra wide (i.e. turf and a few other wide bottomed styles) and may not fit perfectly into Cleatskins.

Cleatskins work so well because they are very snug and secure. We would not recommend wearing Cleatskins which were anything less than snug.

Cleatskins acts as cleat covers for soccer, football, baseball, lacrosse, track, wrestling, golf and any cleated sport.  Cleatskins covers your cleats to protect your investment and save you time.  You rely on your cleats for performance.  Count on Cleatskins to keep them covered and protected.

Designed for athletes of any age, Cleatskins are available for soccer, baseball, football, rugby, softball, field hockey, lacrosse, cycling, track and field and other cleated shoes in a variety of colors and sizes.  Other sport shoes, such as those used for wrestling and basketball, also benefit from Cleatskins.