Cleatskins Testimonials

Cornell University

"This is the best new product that I've seen for wrestling in a long time. Anything that protects and keeps our kids healthy is a good thing, but this is great. We keep germs off the mat and in turn off of ourselves, these Cleatskins make it easier for our guys to move around before, after, and in-between matches.

With as many tournaments as we go to, it's a big advantage. The team loves them!"

Rob Koll - Cornell University Wrestling Coach

Christine Alvarez

"I'm a mother of 3 active children. Protecting their football cleats, baseball and softball cleats and wrestling shoes are important to me. It means saving wear and tear which translates into saving money. When you play sports all year long, you need things to last.

Cleatskins will help take my children from the fields and matts to the streets in no time. Sometimes we do not have time to change when going from one event to the next. Not only do I want to keep my kids' gear in good shape, I want to keep my children safe, thank you for creating just the tool to help me do that."

Christine Alvarex - Mother of Three

Hincapie/Green Creation Cycling Team

"Cleatskins help our team whether it is in training or on race day.  On training rides, the Pro-Bike Skins slip down for easy use when taking a break, refueling or making that "store stop".  It is very nice to be able to walk around while out and about and not worry about damaging the carbon soles on our shoes.  The fact that they are already on the shoe makes them perfect, so we don't have to stuff them in our pockets.  They also provide a soft, stable gripping surface to walk on.
On race day, The BikeSkins work especially well while moving around pre-race.  Typically after we are dressed and ready to go, there is a lot of moving around and standing time before actually lining up to race.  The bike skins work perfect for us.  It is like we are wearing our casual shoes.  When it is time to go, we simply toss them in our bag and we are ready to race.  After the race we simply slip them on and step on the podium!"

Gary Krol - Hincapie/Green Creation Elite Cycling Team

Auburn University

Cleatskins allow our athletes to just slip them on over their spikes after the game and immediately get on the bus  without changing into a
turf shoe. If they do change into their turf, it keeps the dirt and mud from getting into their bags.

- Mark Ryal / Auburn Univeristy / Coach

Tim Penprase

The practicality, value, and durability of Cleatskins make them one of the best products i have seen in years.  They have greatly extended the life of our cleats, stopped the permanent marks left on the concrete and wood surfaces, and saved us valuable time normally lost from continually changing shoes.  One year later, they are still in great shape!

Tim Penprase - Oaks Christian High School Baseball

Cleatskins acts as cleat covers for soccer, football, baseball, lacrosse, track, wrestling, golf and any cleated sport.  Cleatskins covers your cleats to protect your investment and save you time.  You rely on your cleats for performance.  Count on Cleatskins to keep them covered and protected.

Designed for athletes of any age, Cleatskins are available for soccer, baseball, football, rugby, softball, field hockey, lacrosse, cycling, track and field and other cleated shoes in a variety of colors and sizes.  Other sport shoes, such as those used for wrestling and basketball, also benefit from Cleatskins.